How GastoMel is Made

We blend 5 GMO-free (exotic) herbs with sweeteners (sweeteners are added to get the honey bees
to eat the mixture).

When the mixture is turned into a sweet “nectar,” our beekeeper feeds it to honey bees. The bees then
store the solution in their honeycombs, and then a normal honey-producing process begins.

Our beekeeper can take the honeycombs as soon as the bees seal the honeycombs. He takes
the sweet herbal blend out of the honeycombs so it can be filtered, and then poured in a
sanitized jar.

Nothing else is added. No preservatives, no over the counter medicine, no additives of any kind.
Just herbs and the honey bee hive product.
The 5 Herbs in GastoMel:
Used by natural health care professionals.
Many herbs are now used by clinics for integrative care, like the Cleveland Clinic.
1. Laurus nobilis
Also called bay laurel, it is native to the eastern Mediterranean and the east coast
of the Black Sea.

In addition to soothing the linking of the stomach, the laurus nobilis leaves contain the
compounds sesquiterpenes, lignan glycosides, alkaloids, and mucins that help stimulate
the upper respiratory tract, along with promoting a healthy immune system.

2. Salvia officinalis
Also called sage, the leaves from this hearty herb helps digestion when the fats and carbs are
broken down in your stomach and small intestine (digestive tract).

3. Angelica atropurpurea
A species of flowering plant that are found in moist, swampy woodlands. Its root, seed and
fruit are used by natural healthcare professionals for an array of symptoms, including calming
occasional heartburn and gas.

4. Hydrangea arborescens
Found right here in North America, the chemicals in the root of this little shrub is used as an
all-natural digestive aid.

5. Opuntia ficus Indica
Also called a prickly pear cactus, it is part of the diet in Mexican and Mexican-American cultures.
This particular cactus is used for a digestive aid because it supports healthy cholesterol in the
stomach and intestine, while maintaining a healthy sugar level at the same time.

Recommended Dosage: Just one teaspoon, twice a day. That’s it!
Why not try GastoMel to see how well it works for you after eating a food that fights you
coming back up again?
In fact, we challenge you to compare it to what you are taking now.
Let us know what you think. We want to know your opinion.

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