Imagine for one moment taking a mixture of herbs and a whole food honey bee hive
product for your lungs . . .

It almost sounds like alternative health in science fiction. But for the alternative health
company Zuf Globus and herbalist and scientist Dr. Alexander Goroshit, it’s science, not fiction.

Called Apitherapy, it’s an alternative therapy that uses the end product that comes from the
honey bees to help support and then maintain a healthy body, including the heart, brain, liver,
digestive system, nervous system, immune system, and circulatory system.

Zuf Globus took it a step further by combining specially selected herbs with a honey bee hive

How BronchoMel is Made

It all starts by combining 7 GMO-free (exotic) herbs with sweeteners (sweeteners are added to
get the honey bees to eat the blend).

When the blend is turned into a sweet “nectar,” our beekeeper feeds it to honey bees. The bees then
store the solution in their honeycombs, and then a normal honey-producing process begins.

Our beekeeper can take the honeycombs as soon as the bees seal the honeycombs. He takes
the sweet herbal blend out of the honeycombs so it can be filtered, and then poured in a
sanitized jar.

Nothing else is added.

The 7 Key Herbs in BronchoMel:
1. Salvia officinalis
Also called sage, the leaves from this hearty herb is used to promote better breathing
because its compounds have shown to help maintain healthy bronchioles, which are the
narrowest airways of the lungs.

2. Laurus nobilis
Bay laurel is native to the eastern Mediterranean and the east coast of the Black Sea.
Its leaves contain the compounds sesquiterpenes, lignan glycosides, alkaloids, and mucins
that help stimulate the upper respiratory tract, along with promoting a healthy immune system.

3. Sambucus nigra
The more familiar name being elderberry, it’s a flowering tree that has clusters of small
white or cream-colored flowers known as elderflowers, with small blueish black berries.

All parts of the tree are used for various health uses by natural health care professionals.

Its antioxidants compounds and chemicals from all parts of the tree are used for various
issues by natural health care professionals, including to help support healthy lungs.

4. Eucalyptus globulus
A southern blue gum evergreen tree that is one of the most widely cultivated trees
native to Australia. Its leaves contain chemicals that support a healthy body in regard to

It also contains compounds that helps to block unhealthy chemicals in the body, which in turn
maintains healthy lungs and breathing.

5. Plantago major
This small plant is native in most of Europe, and northern and central Asia. Its leaves
and seeds are used to give the lungs a “lighter feeling” to help support healthy breathing.

6. Matricaria recutita
Smelling slightly like an apple, this pretty flowering daisy herb is native to southern and
eastern Europe.

It’s used to promote healthy air passages in the lungs by when chemicals called prostaglandins,
leukotrienes, and histamines are produced in the body. These chemicals are usually released to
create a swelling response in the body.

7. Rosmarinus officinalis
Also called rosemary, this minty herb helps clear toxins, while maintaining a
healthy immune system at the same time. A healthy immune system and healthy
lungs go hand in hand.
Recommended Dosage: Take one teaspoon, morning, noon and night.
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