The benefits of hive products made with the “Zuf-Globus” method

The products are produced by bees fed in a herbal mixture. For every health problem, prepare a suitable mixture. To achieve the maximum effect, use the right parts of the plant, where the highest concentration of active ingredients is desired. Each product has medical properties for the prevention, treatment and relief of certain syndromes and / or diseases. In this form of production we influence the final characteristics of the product, strengthen one of them and reduce others according to needs by changing the composition of the plant mixture. The pleasant taste of the products makes them suitable for children over a year. Plants. The formulas are the fruit of many years of research. The body of bees, which feed on the mixture of plants, processes a process that enhances the combination of the properties of the plants. This form of hive production ensures full and rapid absorption of the active ingredients in the human body.

One of the important advantages of our products is their antibiotic properties and antioxidants. These characteristics make our products very specialized and efficient.