The story of the company Zuf Globus LTD

Zuf Globus produces, and provides natural beehive products that come from bees that are fed special food, which is made from medicinal plants.

The plants produce various types of natural supplements based only on hive products, herbs and natural materials.

From the CEO's Desk Arik Fahima

The factory's essence A. Zuf Globus's activity is the development, manufacture and marketing of natural products. The factory’s leading line of products is health beehive products. B. Producing the natural products and nutritional additives is based on medicinal herbs famous all over the globe for their healing properties, as proven in clinical experiments. C. The fact ory produces various types of natural nutritional additives and cosmetics based on beehive products, medicinal herbs and natural ingredients only.


We will work towards developing a profitable, productive factory, which complies with quality requirements for nutritional additives and cosmetics and with the requirements of the H.A.C.C.P, I.S.O 9001/2000 and D.M.P standards. We will work towards providing products that comply with the market requirements in the area of unique nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics. We will work towards maintaining customers’ high and continuous satisfaction.


  • To develop and maintain adequate means and conditions of production complying with the special requirements in the health industry.
  • To maintain a continuous process of improvement and efficiency in the factory with ongoing operation at zero faults.
  • To design an organizational culture considering excellence and quality as a strategic aim of the factory and its divisions.
  • To expand the company's product lines, promote special health packages and perform unusual marketing in terms of messages, senses and communication.


We see Zuf Globus as a leading Israeli company innovative in the international health products market.
In particular we strive:

  • 1To be a leading biotechnology company in Israel and internationally.
  • 2To lead in the field of unique additives based on medicinal beehive products.
  • 3To distribute the medicinal beehive products in all medical centers around the world.
  • 4To improve human health and life quality based on natural products.
  • 5To be part of the innovation of green economy and the ecologic movement in Israel and worldwide.
  • 6To set example as immigration absorbing factory, realizing Israel's relative advantage in the area of human capital.